Leon J. Owens: A Reputation for Integrity

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Leon Owens: Enjoying the work leads to success.

When you contact Cienega Solutions, you’ll quickly discover that Leon Owens and his team handle all clients on a personal level, with ongoing and very direct involvement with you and your needs. There is no risk of miscommunication and there are no large-firm overhead costs to worry about.

You’ll soon realize that Leon has had hands-on experience in a wide range of real estate/ business disciplines, from commercial business operations and negotiations, to complex real estate transactions and financing. He is often called upon to function as an interim COO to resolve disputes at the Board of Directors level as a Provisional Director.

Business owners, companies, bankers, and managers turn to Leon as a trusted advisor, decision-maker, skilled negotiator, successor trustee, or simply as a non-family member when faced with business challenges involving the planning and implementation of wills, trusts and family law.

With his unique experience and personal skill set, Leon is able to resolve conflicts among competing interests and individuals for a seamless transaction and process. When you work with Leon, you’ll not only save time and money, you’ll have peace of mind that your real estate or business transactions were handled properly.

Leon J. Owens and Cienega LLC strictly adhere to the IMC USA Code of Ethics.

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