Problem Solvers For All Your Real Estate Needs.

As a boutique firm, we do what owners, lenders, investors and corporations cannot do for themselves. Here are a few of the highlights of our recent cases: Avoiding Liability: Our client, an investor without much real estate experience, bought three unfinished houses from a bank. We traveled to South OC to inspect the homes that were under construction. We put…
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real estate consulting

Real Estate Investing: “The Five W’s”

by Leon J. Owens It’s all about rational decision-making. I first became involved in the world of real estate investing right out of law school. At the time, “location-location-location” was the value mantra promoted by professionals on every side of a deal. Sellers priced properties based upon local area “comps,” lenders considered street addresses and zip codes as the only true…
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pillars of investment

Seeking Investment Capital? You Need to Know “The Four Pillars”

by Leon J. Owens When looking for business funding, it’s important to know what the scale of your business truly is, and to understand the pros and cons of both “traditional” loans and of equity investments in your business. First, ask yourself a fundamental question: Are you primarily focused upon turning enough of a profit to sustain a reasonable income…
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money lenders borrowers

How to Clear the 12 “Serious Money” Hurdles

by Leon J. Owens Running After Money? When the owners and managers of thriving businesses—who are already running as fast as they can—find themselves chasing an infusion of significant capital, investors and lenders point to some frequently daunting stumbling blocks beyond the obvious. Current sales and revenue numbers can be impressive, but they don’t always tell the complete story. Whether…
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business negotiation

Dispute Resolution: How to Agree to Disagree…and Then Agree!

The Value of Alternative Dispute Resolution by Leon J. Owens After several decades as a real estate developer and business consultant, I’ve learned a fundamental truth: even the most carefully structured and professionally managed business can run into problems. Whether it’s the effects of evolving consumer demand, interest rates, gas prices, or a change of company objectives, business owners are…
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business plan fundamentals

Money: Find It with The Right Business Plan

by Leon J. Owens When hunting for investors or loans, the only weapon you need is a business plan that speaks to your audience. Whether you’re stalking the woods in search of startup capital, interim financing, cash for inventory, or just a bridge loan to get you over troubled waters, you need a document that details your business reality. That…
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woody allen annie hall

5 Keys to Unlock New Business

by Leon J. Owens Business: it’s all about nurturing relationships. In the movie Annie Hall, Woody Allen’s most quotable line is about a romantic relationship: “It’s like a shark…it has to constantly move forward or it dies.” The same is true of your business. If it’s not growing, if you’re not winning new customers or clients, the future of your…
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change word scramble

The Business Cycle: Navigating in All Kinds of Weather

By Leon J. Owens Every enterprise is forced to deal with the business cycles of the financial markets, consumer issues, and the swings of supply and demand. No matter what business you are in, you’re always at some point in a business cycle of highs, lows, and transitions. Your course is rarely a straight line. To move forward, you’ll be forced…
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Thinking About a Lawsuit? You Might Want to Think Again.

by Leon J. Owens Is your lawsuit really worth it? After law school, my first real experience in the business world involved working with David Weisz,  who mentored me in the world of distressed businesses, insolvency, and bankruptcy.  My introduction was a true “baptism of fire,” as I found myself holding the reins of the Hollywood entertainment industry’s most notorious bankruptcy auction…
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business planning calendar

It’s Never Too Late to Plan Ahead

Seven ways to end the year with a plan for the future  by Leon J. Owens As the calendar year draws to a close, many business owners think about the value of working with a business consultant…and worry that it might be too late to prepare for next year. But when you have unmet business goals or questions about current…
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